If you want to be sure that your car starts properly and that the lights make you visible to your fellow road users, it might be a good idea to check your electrical system from time to time.
Did you know that worn-out, broken or dry wiring can cause a major fire hazard, putting you and your loved ones at risk?
We can and want to help you with this!

Below you will find a selection of wiring harnesses for your Mustang's electrical system. Should there be something you are unsure of or can't find, don't be shy to contact our customer service who will be more than happy to help you with the issue.
Kabelbaum Generator V8 1966
445 kr
Am Lager
Kabelbaum Scheinwerfer 66
Artnr: C6ZZ-14290
1810 kr
Am Lager
Kabelbaum Rücklicht 66 FB
1670 kr
Am Lager
Kabelbaum Scheinwerfer 69
450 kr

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