Stossdämpfer hi 64-73 in der Gruppe Ford/Mercury / Ford Mustang 65-73 / Lenkung/Federung / Hinterachse/Federung / Federung hinten Mustang 65-73 bei VP Autoparts AB (KG-5517)
Stossdämpfer hi 64-73

Stossdämpfer hi 64-73

Artnr: KG-5517
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    KYB Gas-a-just shocks are America's best selling performance gas shock.
    It's monotube design features a higher gas pressure which helps to hold the tire to road surface during severe driving conditions. N2 gas helps eliminate shock fading due to aeration and foaming.
    This shock is the perfect choice for the performance oriented Mustanger.
    Mustang 65-73
    Cougar 67-73
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